What Are People Saying?

“Thank you for facilitating an awesome (staff) retreat for Midsouth Food Bank.”
— Estella Mayhue-Greer, President & CEO Midsouth Food Bank
Purpose is the one thing in the world, that money cannot buy. Yet, is the most prized possession of the human mind and heart...Thank you for so much, but most importantly getting me started on the journey towards discovering mine.
— Chase Madkins, Teacher, Mentor, and US Navy (Veteran)
Coach Payton continuously provides me with tools to live my most authentic life and be accountable for the energy I receive and give. Most importantly, to honor the power of my gifts.
— Elijah Townsend, Chef & Culinary Consultant

Happy Clients


Nonprofit Development

"In business, you need partnerships that make the work more effective. Sharolyn Payton of Payton Place Coaching and Consulting is one of those partners. Sharolyn provides leadership coaching along with organizational development consulting to LifeLine to Success. Ms. Payton's professionalism, along with her fully engaged, hands-on approach has proven to be invaluable to our growth. Ms. Payton has fully engaged not only the LifeLine mission and vision, but has also taken the time to interact with our program, team members and staff in a way that has brought about immediate, positive results...”

— DeAndre D. Brown, II, Executive Director - LifeLine To Success

Leadership Development

“I attended a leadership workshop conducted by Payton Place. Ms. Payton did an outstanding job of creating an atmosphere where we felt vulnerable enough to dig deep within ourselves and discover who we are, what are our core beliefs and how they impact the lives of our followers. We shared, and we cried, but most of all we learned. We were transformed as leaders and gained better insight on what it takes to be an effective leader. I remain inspired, reflective and motivated as a leader because of the tools provided to me by Ms. Payton.”

— Dr. LaWanda M.ClARK-Roy, Principal Memphis STEM Academy

FAith-Based Leadership

“I participated in a week-long church leadership training facilitated by Payton Place. This training was like none that I have every experienced. Sharolyn took her time to set the atmosphere, making certain that it was a safe place to share and receive the much-needed information for our staff and executive leadership. She helped us face hard realities of the strengths and weaknesses of our organization as well as helped each leader take personal accountability in the process.”

— Myra L. Charles, Events Coordinator, Breath of Life Christian Center

Professional Development

"My experience with Payton Place was very illuminating. Sharolyn assisted me in coming up with my own strategies and solutions for strengthening my leadership confidence. She patiently walked me through my own internal process of growth while helping me develop and nurture new skills. I am extremely grateful for the experience that I had with her. I am looking forward to more insights to come. "

— Ebony K. Bailey, LPC,MHSP, Life Balance Therapy,LLC

Vision Development

“Sharolyn’s Vision Bootcamp was eye-opening, engaging, inspiring, and also full of needed truths to challenge you to be the best version of yourself for yourself and for your business. I gained many insights!! I walked away feeling more connected to what I am called to do and stronger in who I am. If you need help with getting clarity in where you are in life and your business, I highly recommend going to the Vision Bootcamp.”

— Osaiyekemwen Okunbor, LCSW & Certified Breathwork Facilitator, Boldly Brave

Community Coaching

“Sharolyn is a proven coach, networker, and collaborator. Most notable is her dedication and commitment to bringing about positive change in the community. One can daily find her on the frontlines of efforts to further things from an economic, business, and development standpoint. She is patient and task-oriented. She is great about paying attention to details and very well-organized. I highly recommend her for she is always prepared and relevant. Indeed, she is a joy to work with.”

— John Gilmore, Spiritual Director, Open Heart Spiritual Center

Business Coaching

"I am fortunate to be working with Sharolyn Payton of Payton Place. Sharolyn has provided guidance that has assisted in building a solid foundation for the vision that God has given to me. I've hired a coach before but was never able to firm up a step-by-step plan for a successful business. After only a few sessions with Coach Payton, I am now confident, clear, and equipped to share my business and my vision.”

— Elizabeth Dorse Merriwether, Certified Life Coach & Owner of The Well Station

Personal Coaching

“Sharolyn and the services she offers through Payton Place were literally an answer to my prayers. Although I knew God’s purpose for my life, procrastination robbed me of significant progress. Sharolyn encourages me to keep moving and assigns me tasks which often stretch me beyond my comfort zone. Through her words and actions, I realize that desire and skill are not enough. I had to get moving.”

— Therolyn Gathings, CHBC Human Behavior Consultant, Personality Empowerment